My Ugly Running Face

The first two miles are always the worst.  It doesn’t matter how conditioned I am or how well I’m rested.  My body screams and fights back with every step I take at the beginning of a run.  Throw in some additional factors like extreme temperatures, high wind or unruly hills and things get even more grueling.  I often wonder just how miserable I look to the average passerby.  I’m sure they are convinced that I’m about to keel over, but what they don’t know is what I know… that if I push through this ugly part I reach a point where I’m hitting my stride physically and mentally and I can keep running for quite some time.

The same is true in many challenges that we face in life and as leaders.  The first part of anything worthwhile is most likely going to be difficult work and our faces may just show the toil we’re wrestling with.  While I’m not overly concerned about what others think of my ugly running face, I think as a leader it’s important for me to be aware of what I’m projecting to those I lead.

What is my countenance and attitude when I’m in a difficult project or season?

What do others see or perceive?

Do you have an ugly running face when you’re diligently working?  What do you do to lead well in the midst of your challenges?

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  • Marc Grimes May 23, 2012  

    Great thoughts!
    It’s always amazing how my perspective changes (spiritually, physically, emotionally) when I keep my focus on the end result as opposed to the challenges and struggles of the present.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Kim May 23, 2012  

    Jenni, this is so good! I have always been told I look either super intense or angry. My brother usually has a similar expression, and we’ve always joked about it being our default face. Then I made a new friend a few years ago who always, no matter what, looked happy and on the verge of a smile. Before I knew her very well, I just assumed she was always in a good mood or I was catching her on a string of good days. I came to know that everything in her life was very far from perfect and, on some days, not even close to good. She said her default face was usually pleasant but she had decided to focus on joy in her life and she guessed it showed. Since then, I’ve made an effort to think about what is showing on my face. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of my reflection and realize that it still needs work – lol!