Thriving or Surviving?

Are you thriving or just surviving? Are you really leading or are you just surviving each responsibility, meeting, conversation, or task that comes at you? Are you just reacting or are you leaning in? Are you really listening or are you just taking in facts and spitting out solutions? Are you dreaming or are you […]

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Simple Joys

The last few weeks have been especially hectic… conferences… budgets… performance plans… new campus development… baggage… I’ll admit there have been days where I have wondered whether I can hang in there at this pace.  I’ve found that when I’m in these seasons I have to be even more intentional about the simple things that […]

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I know you are really busy…

I know you are really busy… This comment is made to me way too often. What I hear in this phrase is “I’m sorry to bother you”, “Please give me just a minute”, “I’m scared to interrupt you”. It breaks my heart.  You know why?  Because I’m responsible for it.  There is a reason I […]

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Baby Steps

I’m one of those people who has trouble disconnecting from work when it comes time for vacation. This is especially troublesome on short trips like my current one to NYC. I’m only here for 4 days and it usually takes me at least 5 to quit worrying about work and checking my phone every 5 […]

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