• Tim Rueb July 30, 2008  

    Slightly different twist:

    “Build a brand that causes a consumer for the life of a product to kick themselves everyday for not purchasing yours.”

    Not quite churchy or non-profit completely, but I think it still fits a little.

  • ncarnes July 31, 2008  

    I hope I am building the type of brand that you mention here both in my career, ministry, and family.

    I think even in the family this could be applicable…the “brand” being the values that I instill in my children. I don’t want them to grow up and feel they have to re-invent themselves or their values. I would hope as adults when they take full control of their own lives they will be able to carry out what I and their mom have taught them and instilled in them.

  • Jenni Catron July 31, 2008  

    Great point @ncarnes! Brand goes far beyond a product or program. Giving your family a great foundation to build upon is such an important part of your legacy as a father!

  • Mark Thomas July 31, 2008  

    This is an interesting concept. Especially for those in youth ministry. I think that over the years our church’s youth group has had five or six different names. We’re now trying to find something solid that will out-live our tenure there. I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Thanks, Jenni!

  • Kelli July 31, 2008  

    I once heard someone say you know you’re a good leader when you’ve got duplicates. I don’t ever wane people to be just like me; I’m a mess. 🙂 But when I see young ladies that I’ve ministered to, or someone says I’ll never forget when you said or sang this; it changed my life, thats when I feel fruitful and effective. I think who we are is a “brand”. When we use our talents and gifts to become more like Christ and in turn present Him to others and their lives and changed, I think we’re building something greater than we may ever know.

  • brewster July 31, 2008  

    GREAT quote. If you build your brand to this level, not only will those who follow you not have to blow it up and start over, but those who follow your brand will generationally pass down as well.

  • mandythompson July 31, 2008  

    wow. this is a great thought.
    i’ve been leading worship at a traditional/transitional/contemporary church for the past year. i know that i probably won’t be able to fully bring the transition to pass in my time here, so i struggle to set up the next guy/girl for a home-run.
    i pray that my successor will appreciate the blended style we’ve accomplished, and will be able to gently lead a church full of followers who are learning how to give their hearts again and again in our corporate gatherings.

  • mandythompson July 31, 2008  

    [vicky beeching’s link is not doing what i expected it to do. 🙁 ]

  • Jan Owen July 31, 2008  

    I hope I am. I really wrestle and work to put an emphasis on relationship with one another and Christ, and leading by example. I love my team and I love God and I hope that is apparent to all. When it’s all said and done I hope people can at least say these two things about me….and about the team and ministry I’ve poured my life into.

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  • waswrittenin August 1, 2008  

    This is a good thought… and I think that it is applicable to most everything we do… how we care for our families, our friends, our homes, our businesses… everything. One of my former bosses instilled this idea in me… always wanting to set up the next person for success so that they can continue to do the same thing for the people who will follow them 🙂 Good post, Jen!

  • jmiley August 1, 2008  

    Good quote. It sums up where my mind has been lately. I want the things in which I invest to last and grow…even after my role is over. Looking back, I have probably built both bad brands and good brands. Looking back, I have definitely inherited brands that I wanted to blow up…of course, that may have had more to do with me than the brand! Sometimes a guy just wants to blow things up!